Welcome to our new website!

Hi there, we are so happy you stumbled upon our new website! We are Little Paperies, a small family owned business that started on etsy. 

A little about us..

Little Paperies is an online gift shop where you can find gifts for your favorite gal pal, best mom friends, and kids! We specialize in adding personal touches to gifts that bring so much joy to any occasion in your life. 

We love designing whimsical + kawaii goodies on the regular!

We work the best print production companies across the U.S to make sure that you get the best quality products for your fave holidays, and events in your life!

We are a 'Made to Order' business..

Most of our products (about 95%) are made to order. A made to order product basically means, the product is not created until you hit the check out button and submit an order. This saves a lot of time for our business and reduces waste for the environment. 

What's to come..

We are constantly adding new products to our growing catalog, so please check up weekly to see what's new! Thanks for checking us out!